Earth Oven-Mud Fun: There’s a Dinosaur in our Garden!!!

Here is our completed efforts for today!!! We completed the last layer of the earth oven and it was hard work. Here are the steps to try your own.

1. Mix mud, hay and water to a clay like consistency on a plastic sheet.
2. Roll the mixture in the plastic to fully make the mud-mix like clay.
3. Stamp with bare feet till flattened into plastic.
4. When the mix is like clay and soft roll into mud balls.
5. Add mud balls to oven shape and mould into shape.
6. Smooth shape and mould into design shape.

End product one dinosaur/pig/rabbit earth oven!!!!

Well done EY34 and 5. It was hard work and it was lots of fun. Some of us watched, some tried and didn’t like the feel of mud, some had a ball and literally were covered in mud. It was a great experience as both classes worked together doing different parts of the instruction list. Some children added the mud, others added water, those they didn’t want to touch the mud added the hay. Each group worked to add their part and this helped the whole project.

The last photo is Coskun Bey who worked with the teacher group to make the hippo earth oven and the first layer of the dinosaur oven. Regina is pictured in the green overalls from Hisar School who runs the workshops the teachers attended, and Ms Thompson and Seda from the office came to help too. So much fun!!!!

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  • Posted 26 May, 2016


    What a fantastic project! We need more access to mud! Well done Team EY4&5! Can\t wait to cook some pizza…….

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